Vladimir Mladenovic was born on 24.03.1979. in Belgrade, Serbia. His love in amateur photography revealed itself when his father bought him an old Russian Zenit in 1992. Shortly after that, with the first Nikon camera his affection for the art of photography rised and till this day he reamins a devoted Nikon user. His professional career started 2005 with the start of his own company through the responsibilities of the photographer, producer and managing director.

Specialising in action, wild nature and lifestyle photography aswell as underwater photography in the past years with his work published in a large number of web portals, magazines and daily news papers like National Geographic, Blic, 24 Sata, Telegraf and etc... In 2015 he became Nikon Serbia and Subal underwater housing test photographer with his work available for viewing on their official blogs and web sites.